b'TUESDAY, MAY 24Afternoon Tunes2:00 - 3:00 PMThis beautiful documentary explores the world prior to the evolvement of the Chassidic movement. Learn of the light and the joy the Baal Shem Tov introduced, the music that underscored his life, and how Reb Elimelech of Lizhensk shouldered the mantle of Chassidic leadership establishing a legacy ofahavas Yisrael - for one Jew to love and care for his brother regardless of appearance and observance.The film employs unforgettable music, rare archival footage and stunning scenery. Shot on location, it teaches how vital and easily applicable the concept ofahavas Yisraelis today. Youll be inspired and entertained, and emerge a more devoted individual than you were before.TICKETS LOCATIONFREEBernard Betel Centre Tickets Required 1003 Steeles Avenue WestCLICK HERE TO REGISTER20'