b'Queen Kong Two-day CD Launch!A first for Jewish Music Week! Its a 2-day launch of Queen Kongs debut LP Fray.With their groundbreaking sound, Queen Kongs aim is to push the boundaries of what can be considered Jewish/Klezmer music by combining traditional sounds with funk, improv, and jazz sensibilities. The results are melodies that are familiar and new, harmonies that take the listener on a trip from the sacred to the profane and compositions that are contemplative, complex, and groovy as hell. www.queenkongtoronto.com Lorie Wolf - drumsMax Forster - trumpetJohn Williams - clarinetNathan Dell-VandenbergtromboneGraham CampbellguitarTom Richards - sousaphoneQueen Kong is an exploration of music inspired by the Radical Jewish Culture movement in New York founded by pioneer John Zorn. Led by Toronto drummer, vocalist and composer, Lorie Wolf, Queen Kong seamlessly blends Ashkenazi Jewish idiom with jazz, free improv, rock and punk to explore new sounds and ideas. MAY 27CD Launch continues on Friday at 2 PM atThe Rex. See page 38 for ticket link.35'