b'Greetings from Artistic Director Welcome Back! Weve missed you! In honour of our 10th festival, were celebrating the best of the first nine years. Get ready to see some of your favourite JMW artists back on our stages. Note, too, we are making a point to feature the incredible world-class talent right here in Torontoits overwhelming to realize what we have in our midst!This year, we have some changes to our JMW team. After ten years of incredible dedication, two of my closest colleagues have left their positions: Judy Jacobs, our ManagingDirector;andRosetteRutman,ourTreasurer/Chief-Cook-and-Bottle-Washer (no formal title could do justice to the so-much-more-than-above-and-beyond tasks that she covered). I am so grateful to Judy and Rosette for their continued friendship, for breathing life into this wonderful festival with me, and for remaining accessible as brilliant consultants while our new team planned JMW 2022.Cheryl Cappe chaired our Student Art Contest superbly for many years and, while she is still helping with JMW, she has now moved over to make room for our new Art Chair, Zoe Haber-Kucharsky. I am indebted to Cheryl for all she did to grow this contest, encouraging and showcasing the talents of over 1,000 young artists since the festival began. Lastly, we bid farewell to Rena Levy, who served as our Technical Liaison as well as a member of our Board. Rena has been a beautiful part of the past festivals and is already sorely missed.For now, though, the music continues. The performers will dazzle, the speakers will mesmerize, and the programs will thrill. I am truly energized by our fantastic Jewish Music Week 2022 team and all they have done to present this years spectacular festival. You are going to love it!Please wear your masks, stay safe and healthy, and enjoy a week of tremendous music events!Aliza Spiro Artistic Director5'