b'Greetings from the Jewish Music Week Board As members of the new Board of Jewish Music Week, we are thrilled to welcome you to our annual event. The past two years have been a struggle for all of us and we are so excited to bring back live music once again to our city. We have an exciting lineup of performers this year and we know that there will be something of interest for everyone.We also give a special thank you to all of those who have supported us not only this year but through the past years. Jewish Music Week has become a very special cultural icon in Toronto and helps keep the life and spirit of Jewish heritage alive. WeshowcaseawiderangeofJewish-relatedmusicinpresentationsand performances, and were proud to give opportunities to both established and promising new artists.We also want to give a special shout out to our ever-talented Artistic Director, Aliza Spiro, who puts her heart and soul into making this such a landmark event.Thank you for joining us and please support us through donations and volunteering. Most important of all, enjoy the festival!Jewish Music Week Board of DirectorsWilliam Sklar Mathias Memmel Steven Stein6'