b'THE JMW TEAMAliza Spiro,Artistic DirectorShe puts the festival together so that our audiences will have a well-rounded choice ofstellar music programming.Bill Sklar Steve Stein Mathias MemmelJWM Board, President JWM Board JWM BoardThe new 2022 Jewish Music Week Board has worked tirelessly to adapt to the ongoing changes presented in a Covid world. A fun trio of clear-thinkers, these guys have a great time at meetings planning how YOU can have a great time at the festival. Benjamin Shindman,Technical LiaisonBenjamin coordinates between each artist and venue to make sure all tech needs are met. He is bright and efficient and he Gets. It. Done.Barbara Lazar,The Telephone LadyBarbaras is the lovely voice you hear when you phone the Jewish Music Week office. Shes super friendly and youll have a delightful chat when you call with questions.Zoe Haber-Kucharsky,Student Art Contest ChairA gifted artist herself, Zoe runs the contest and does all she can to give more recognition to the young artists. Because of Zoe, we have more artists exhibited in the gallery than ever before. 7'