b'MONDAY, MAY 23VICTORIA DAYMorning Music10:00 - 11:00 AM Shostakovich,Stalin and JewsDr. Joseph GilbertThe great Russian composer, Dimitri Shostakovich endured the stresses imposed by Stalin. He was at one time shunned, another time regarded as ahero. To survive, he adapted to the times. During the antisemitic purges,Shostakovich remained supportive of Jewish composers and incorporated Jewish themes in his music. A stellar work is Symphony 13, Babi Yar, which commemorates this atrocity of WWII in words and music.This riveting talk will describe his work and how he survived a brutal dictatorship.Dr. Joe GIlbert is a retired physician, researcher, hospital executive, and Professor Emeritus at Western University in London, Ontario. A lifelong fan of classical music, he has integrated this interest with a study of Judaism and Jewish subjects, lecturing on a variety of related subjects: Portrayal of Jews in Opera, Degenerate Music (Enartete Musik), The Music and Composers in the Theresienstadt Ghetto, The Shtetl, Hasidism in the Shtetl, Jud Suss (Nazi Propaganda), Salamone Rossi and Jewish Music in the Italian Renaissance, and many other subjects.www.josephgilbertmusic.com TICKETS LOCATIONFREE First Russian CongregationTickets Required of Rodfesolium Ansekiev / The Kiever Synagogue25 Bellevue AvenueCLICK HERE TO REGISTER14'